Thursday, 5 April 2018

Making Connections to Multiplication

In Miss Mackintosh's maths group, we have been learning a range of different strategies that we can use when solving multiplication equations. One strategy we have been focusing on is making arrays.

An array is a way we can organise materials to show equations. For example, 4 x 3 can be shown in an array that has four rows of three.
We have used materials and digital technology to practice making arrays and show the connections we have made between repeated addition and multiplication.

Take a look at our "Array City" and see if you can work out what equations we have made.

Developing our Class Treaty

The first few weeks of this term were predominantly spent developing how we would like our classroom to function. 

There were many discussions and brainstorming sessions around:
– our school values,
– our cultures,
– the environment,
– what our class should feel like, look like and sound like, 
– the importance of a treaty, and
– how we like to learn.
Through these discussions with our peers, we made connections to each other, put our ideas together and developed a draft of our class treaty.

Miss Mackintosh typed up our draft in English and Te Reo Māori. We discussed the principles of our English treaty and we all signed both treaties. After the signing of the two versions, Miss Mackintosh got some children to translate the te reo version on Google. This lead to confusion and frustration amoungst us. We realised that the two copies were not the same. 
We shared their thoughts and feelings about the two copies being different, and discussed how Te Tiriti o Waitangi has two versions that are slightly different. Te Tiriti o Waitangi was signed in 1840 and has had a significant impact on New Zealanders since. We discussed the importance of having a treaty that we all agree to. The English version was chosen as our treaty.
We all understand this treaty and have shown our support for it by creating our own patterned, hand-print art piece.

My Memoirs

Goal - I’m learning to write a memoir of my life at Bromley School Purpose - A memoir  must show how your life was  changed due t...