My Memoirs

Goal - I’m learning to write a memoir of my life at Bromley School
Purpose - A memoir  must show how your life was  changed due to your experiences

Children had the choice of presenting this IP anyway they liked and had to share their final product with the class.
They evaluated their efforts up against the purpose and against the key competencies. This was completed in their learning groups through reflective discussions and peer feedback.

Passion and Interest Projects

Children planned and presented their IPs. There was a wide range of topics and different ways children presented. Some children researched NZ disasters, Kiwi Fruit Industry and some children even researched and designed a new school playground to go with our new school hall. Children set their own driving questions and had to justify the choices they made. 

Thank you Shania and Chloe for flexing your kindness mucsles by supporting Holden and Riley through the passion project process.

Camp 2018

2018 Camp

-  Children set their own goals and evaluated these
-  Children had to identify character strengths they would like to develop and show at camp.
-  Children had to identify the activities they were looking forward to an why?
-  Children had to identify how they could show they 'care' at camp
-  Children had to keep  a camp journal
-  Complete a camp reflection up against the KCs.

A sample of our camp booklet.

Look at our video.

Thursday Club Day and The Why

Club Day runs every Thursday for one hour during the morning. Children get to suggest different clubs they would like and then opt into a club that interests them. Children on a regular basis have to reflect on the process. Often children also set goals in their reflective journals in their Goolgle Docs.

Research says that clubs are  pro-social and help to develop social cohesion. Activities have been known to have positive effects on behaviour, manifested by reduced behaviour problems, increased levels of responsibility, increased self-esteem, enhanced status among peer groups, and pride in accomplishments/participation.
Through clubs children can follow their  passions and run with them. Children  need to try things, see what works, see what they like, see what they get out of them. 
Participating in club activities helps improve communication skills which is a vital skill to have both at primary, intermediate, high school and the work place. 
Often the club members creatively work in t…