Walking In Someone Else's Shoes

Walking in someone else’s shoes What would you feel like if you had shoes that had five or even seven holes in them? How would you feel? I no how I would feel if I had holes in my shoes. I’d feel incredibly cold , extremely humiliated and also very sick because my feet were so FREEZING cold! I bet if I lived there I’d walk instead of paying for petrol and save up my money. I’d do this to get every person that lived there lots of food, water, and medison as well as new shoes of course! That is what I’d do for them. If you're reading this right now don’t accuse these people of being no good just because of what they look like or what they don’t have. The most important thing is what they do and how they treat this world. The negative things people say about them is not fair. Just remember what you would feel if every day you struggled to survive. By Dahlisha

Walking in someone else’s shoes  
By looking at this person’s  shoes I noticed that they didn't have a good life. I imagined that he had to…

Designing a Game

Physical Education
Achievement Objective
People and the environment•- Plan and implement a programme to enhance an identified social or physical aspect of their classroom or school environment.
Koru 2 children had to design games that would appeal to children at school. They had to include a name, equipment, instructions both in pictures and words and to cover any safety issues that may be a factor in their game. 
Finally they had to teach their games to other students. At the end of the game the children that played gave the children that designed the game feedback. The children that designed the game had to give the participants feedback on how well they went.

Playing our games.

 Sample of plans.


Statistics Learning Journey

Learning Objective

Evaluate the effectiveness of different displays in representing the findings of a statistical investigation or probability activity undertaken by others

Provocation- Played digital clip of a NZ school that visited Australia. What sort of things would they need to know to plan a trip? Class brainstorm.

Create- We created a plan and researched the cost. This involved researching costs in New Zealand dollars. We had to find the cost of air fares and decide what we wanted to travel e.g. business class, economy. We had to find accomodation for 4 nights and estimate travel costs e.g. concession card for tram, train or bus. Then we had to find events or venues we wanted to visit and get the cost for these. Finally we had to calculate the whole cost.

Then we got into groups or 4-5 and compared costs. We had to transfer these findings on to a bar graph and analyse the information presented writing a couple of sentences about the information. Who pl…