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Our Coding Learning Journey Term 3

Our Coding Learning Journey Provocation In partners, we found different objects around the classroom. We had to close our eyes, while our partners directed us towards the object by tapping a code on our backs. Next we tried using Bee-Bot and Tynker Programming Applications. We programmed directions, actions and to get rid of any bugs in the programme. Then we discussed what is coding and what the possible purposes were for it were.

What is coding? We discovered that computer programming, also known as coding, is the process of creating software.

Why Are We Learning to Code? We found out that coding empowers us to do many things we wouldn't otherwise be able to do. These things include hand-crafting our own websites, becoming a career coder or even starting a technology business.
After this we learnt about the different motion blocks and other important functions. We also developed a bank of coding vocabulary. Next we explored Scratch Junior before designing a programme for the junior chi…

Interest Projects Term 3

Interest Projects (IPs) - Term 3 2017

Perimeters -


Big Question and Driving Questions


Students should have…
Research and Plan
Have decided on two big questions they would like to learn about and decided on one to follow up on.
Checked spelling and display big question and driving questions
Decided where  and how they will get the information
Started a detailed diary Teachers will need to…

Conference with children around their big question and driving questions.
Discussed options between both questions Share class timeline
Discussed WEEK 4
IP Workshop
Create Students should have…

Create a draft


Koru 2 And The Science Of Character
As part of Character Day we have been looking closely at our own character strengths. Many of our character strengths are in line with the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies and our school values.

Over the weeks we have studied ourselves very closely. Here are some of the questions aimed at provoking our thinking in this area. We also learnt some new language for example the difference between appreciation and gratitude. Our Thought Provoking Questions
I am grateful for..... (gratitude or appreciation) What did you do in the past year that you're most proud of? What is optimism?

We viewed different digital media and this got us thinking.

What character strengths are shown here? What could this person do to develop these further? 30,000 Days- We are only on this Earth for approximately 30,000 days. The film talks about our unique special sauce: the character strengths that make  us.

From here we created a slideshow about our own character strengths. …