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Statistics Learning Journey

Learning Objective

Evaluate the effectiveness of different displays in representing the findings of a statistical investigation or probability activity undertaken by others

Provocation- Played digital clip of a NZ school that visited Australia. What sort of things would they need to know to plan a trip? Class brainstorm.

Create- We created a plan and researched the cost. This involved researching costs in New Zealand dollars. We had to find the cost of air fares and decide what we wanted to travel e.g. business class, economy. We had to find accomodation for 4 nights and estimate travel costs e.g. concession card for tram, train or bus. Then we had to find events or venues we wanted to visit and get the cost for these. Finally we had to calculate the whole cost.

Then we got into groups or 4-5 and compared costs. We had to transfer these findings on to a bar graph and analyse the information presented writing a couple of sentences about the information. Who pl…