Friday, 25 August 2017

How did you participate and contribute towards the cross country?


Participating and Contributing

-Taking on roles within the school to support others

-Teach my peers and set a good

example for others

-Take an active role in the success of my group.

I participated by running the cross-country and having lots of fun racing my friends

I wanted to run so much that i took part I felt great.

I was waiting for my turn and really enjoyed it. I also helped the  little kids  that were running and  cheered for them. Finally it was my turn so I ran the whole way.

I was cheering on the year 1 2 3 4 5's. It was fun watching little kid's run and I loved the warm sunny day.

I was a helper for the cross country and told people  where they needed to run and i also cheered them on so they could catch up to the other runners and the race was outrageous and amazing.

I didn't run because my legs were in pain but I did help by cheering on people and telling them where to go

I ran as fast as i could and cheered for all the little kids and big kids

For the cross country this year I felt like I was going to collapse out of breath and exhaustion but I knew once I got on my third lap, I knew I had to keep persevering and keep going and I eventually got to the finish of the cross country

I tried to forget about the pain in my hip

I tried my best and I was cheering for little kids

It was really good but i tried my best to win and i cheered for other kids.

I was going to do 2 laps but thanks to Nicky I did 3 laps unlike other people who did 2

I did not wont to win it but it was good exercise for me in the cross country

When the little kids went i cheered them on and I cheered on my friends

For the cross country I ran as fast as I could. I couldn't make it to the end because I was a bit puffed

I ran us fast us i could and i cheered for other people

I was suporting kids when they ran i was a helper

I run as fast as i could and as i was waiting for my torn i was cheering the little kids on

I particapated and contributed by trying my best.

I Participated and Contributed in cross country by giving it a go and cheering kids on

I was helping other children preserver and keep running to make it across the finish line to feel accomplished that they ran one, two, three, and four laps of the track, and when people felt like giving up because they were so out of breath, so Devlin and I went with them and ran with them for a little bit so they would make it to the finish line. I cheered on everyone, and showed my support saying you will make it and you can do anything if your determined.

I cheered for people to preservered when it was tough.

As I was Listening To Mr Kinley He Said Just To Give it a go and as I ran I whispered in my head "I want to make my dad and step mum proud" so I tried so Hard. I had a red face But I started To jog Then I kept running. I also cheered On Other People After I ran

I did my best but I got the stitch

In the cross country my right lung started to hurt but I still started to run and Nicky almost bet me until I dived Like a boss over the finish line

^ I helped them to keep going ^ (For the part, 'They were so out of breath'

I contributed and participated in cross county by giving it all my best and i was cheering for others

I waited my turn to race and while i waited i encouraged all the other runners and cheered for my house colours. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was lots of parents cheering on their children

I ran as fast as I could and cheered other people.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Why should or shouldn't children be able to vote?

Why Children Should Be Able To Vote?

I think you should be able to vote as a kid because kids  know more than adults. Why you ask? Well in the 70’s and 80’s computers weren't invented so adults could not do stuff that we can do now. So some children could be more smarter than some adults.

Did you know that some adults can do idiotic things like smoke cigarettes, get drunk and stuff like that?  Sometimes that stuff gets  them into jail. Children have never been to jail so they are responsible. There is a lot of evidence that suggests this.

Children should also be able to vote because some adults turn their children into slaves. The slaves should be able to vote so that we can stop this happening.

To summarise my main points, adults are sometimes dumb and children are responsible and reliable. Adults can do nasty stuff like murder, rob people and be nasty to police.

And those are the reasons why kids should be able to vote.

By Tristan

Should kids vote?

I strongly believe that kids under 17 should not vote because they most likely will choose the wrong decisions and they don't know what’s important.

Secondly children don't have the maturity or responsibility for themselves. Their parents may influence their vote. Is this really fair?

Adults should vote because they can make the right decisions and they always have good reasons why.

Finally adults are much more independent than kids and a lot more responsible when making decisions.

That is what l have to say about this argument this is why people under 17 should not vote.

Please be reasonable NZ. Children should not have the power of the country in their hands.
Made from Chelden Hayward

Friday, 18 August 2017

Singing Group From Koru 2

Thank you Bella and Our Koru 2 singing group. What a great assembly.  It just shows you that with determination and hard work you can achieve anything. Weekly lessons for a whole term and this is the result. Tino pai!

Participating and Contributing

- Take an active role in the success of my group

My Memoirs

Goal - I’m learning to write a memoir of my life at Bromley School Purpose - A memoir  must show how your life was  changed due t...