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The Science of Character

Gratitude and Appreciation It has become clear that there are a number of advantages associated with being grateful. Grateful people are happier, have stronger feelings of social support, and feel less stressed and depressed. Evidence suggests an increase in people’s levels of gratitude may be a good way to increase their feelings of well-being. Koru 2 reflected on things that make them grateful.
I am grateful for..... 25 class comments
Jamie Platt-Watters8 Sep I am grateful for my grandad looking after me for a year when my parents couldn't when i was 9
Kaiden Huddlestone8 Sep

The Science Of Character

What did you do in the past year that you're most proud of?

Lily Litherland8 Sep Getting on my full licence.
Aisha Watson8 Sep Getting neater on my writhing and not talking so much.  I'm know going to try and get my restricted licence.
Emily Hough8 Sep