Thursday, 30 August 2018

Thursday Club Day and The Why

Club Day runs every Thursday for one hour during the morning. Children get to suggest different clubs they would like and then opt into a club that interests them. Children on a regular basis have to reflect on the process. Often children also set goals in their reflective journals in their Goolgle Docs.

Research says that clubs are  pro-social and help to develop social cohesion. Activities have been known to have positive effects on behaviour, manifested by reduced behaviour problems, increased levels of responsibility, increased self-esteem, enhanced status among peer groups, and pride in accomplishments/participation.

Through clubs children can follow their  passions and run with them. Children  need to try things, see what works, see what they like, see what they get out of them. 

Participating in club activities helps improve communication skills which is a vital skill to have both at primary, intermediate, high school and the work place. 

Often the club members creatively work in teams and  team work skills are developed. When you go to work, you work as a team most of the time and this is an important skill to possess.

Using clubs also helps to create another level of thinking and reflection. Children reflect on the experience and their interaction with the experience creating goals and reflecting on their inward and outward behaviour.




- Learning how to play the guitar
- Listening to and appreiciation of music
- Learning a musical instrument is ideal for discovering the art of practice, patience and  persistence
- Key competencies   (taken by Steve P)

Garage Band

- Create music
- Learning how to use Garage Band
- Key competencies   (taken by Mandie)

 Art and Craft

- Learning how to be creative
- Developing a love of the creative process 
- Consoladating mathematical knowledge in geometric shapes and patterning
Key competencies  (taken by the teacher)


- Children choose to play a game of their choice
- Developing a love for physical activity
Learning movement skills
- Learning about safety
- Key competencies (taken by the TA)

Big Brother or Sister

- Children spend time in Kindy 
- Buddy reading and helping out with art and creativity
Key competencies (taken by Kindy Teacher)


- Learning how to look after our bodies

- Learning movement skills
- Learning about safety
- Key competencies (taken by teacher and tutor)


   - Learning how to cook

   - Learning how to measure
   - Learning about safety
   - Key competencies   (taken by TA)


- Learning how to garden
- Being creative
- Learning about safety
Key competencies (taken by Steve H)

Making Connections

Sitting on the bench with Mother Teresa

If I sat with mother Teresa I would ask what is the most important thing you have ever done? Also, I would ask her what it felt like to be kind and compassionate?

I think she helped lots of people. Especially children. She helped children in the adoption centres by matching them up with parents. Imagine how the children felt to finally get parents that loved them?

She also helped to look after the poor and sick by making sure they felt love, had food and shelter.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to meet her. Now what would you do if you met mother Teresa? If I met her I would feel excited, happy and honoured.

The first thing I would ask her is how does she use her character strengths even when she doesn’t know the people she is helping?

Imagine if everyone was like her, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

By Shyanne

 If I could sit on the bench with  anyone who would it be?

If I could sit on a bench with anyone it would be Angelina Jolie.This is because she is fun and helps people. She does this by giving people money to help them out. She also has lots of children that she has adopted. These children have no parents.

I would like to know how many movies she has been in and what countries her children are from. I would also talk to her about why she helps people and ask for some
ideas about how I could help people when i’m older.

I think Angelina's character strengths would be bravery and kindness.  She shows bravery by going to dangerous countries and helping kids and she shows kindness by giving money to people that need her help.

She also takes the time to talk to people like she isn’t anyone special. If I talked to Angelina I might learn about different ways to help people.

By Meliki

Sitting on the bench with Hillary Clinton

If I had a famous person sit with me it would be Hillary Clinton. Because she will tell me hear stories from the past. When she was born and her books she has written.

When I talked to Hillary Clinton I would tell her that I would have  voted for her as President as I think she has a lot of strengths including courage and percerverance. Imagine having to verse a whole country! Yes Russia! Man she is brave. She also shows perserverance by questioning Donald Trump.

I want to question her about  the school she went to, her parents  and her life growing up.

If this came true I would cry and I would be so excited!!


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