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Making Connections


Our Bodies- Interest Projects

Have looked into hauora and mental well-being. Making links to our physical bodies (systems, parts, exercise, processes).
ENGLISH ACHIEVEMENT OBJECTIVE Integrate sources of information processes and strategies with developing confidence to identify form and express ideas
SCIENCE ACIEVEMENT OBJECTIVE Recognise that there are life processes common to all living things and that these occur in different ways
HEALTH ACIEVEMENT OBJECTIVE Identify factors that affect personal physical social and emotional growth and develop skills to manage changes

First children were asked what is an interest project.
Our responses to ‘What is an Interest Project?’ Here area few of our ideas:

Choose a topic - gather information - make a project - Miyah

Project of interest - Riley
Pick something to work on and make it interesting - Shania
Getting good facts - Jaelen & Oli
Get facts about a theme. Pull out important parts. All earning together. Doing it together. Team effort. - Jordis
Topic - info …