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My Memoirs

Goal - I’m learning to write a memoir of my life at Bromley School
Purpose - A memoir  must show how your life was  changed due to your experiences

Children had the choice of presenting this IP anyway they liked and had to share their final product with the class. They evaluated their efforts up against the purpose and against the key competencies. This was completed in their learning groups through reflective discussions and peer feedback.

Passion and Interest Projects

Children planned and presented their IPs. There was a wide range of topics and different ways children presented. Some children researched NZ disasters, Kiwi Fruit Industry and some children even researched and designed a new school playground to go with our new school hall. Children set their own driving questions and had to justify the choices they made. 

Thank you Shania and Chloe for flexing your kindness mucsles by supporting Holden and Riley through the passion project process.