Friday, 30 June 2017

How to make a parachute?

Here are Summer's instructions on how she made her parachute. Are the instructions clear? Has she included bossy verbs? Are her sentences direct and to the point? Would you get muddled if you followed her instructions?

How to make a parachute?

What you need

-Plastic sheet.

1. Grab your plastic sheet.

2. Cut your plastic sheet into a square.

3. Grab four pieces of string.

4. Cut your string into four medium strings.

5. Cut four holes in the end of your square.

6. Insert your string into the holes.

7. Tie the string together.

8. Attach the cork to the string.

9. Finally go outside and see if it lands softly, if not make improvements.
10. Once done put detailed designs on it!

By Summer! :D


  1. Rhat sounds really fun! I wish my class was doing that!

  2. Thank you for the instructions I might make one

  3. Ka pai Summer! The instructions were really clear, and I think anyone who stumbles across them, could defintly learn off of them! Oh and I shouldint forget to mention how much of a great idea it is! Cooper :D!


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