Monday, 21 August 2017

Why should or shouldn't children be able to vote?

Why Children Should Be Able To Vote?

I think you should be able to vote as a kid because kids  know more than adults. Why you ask? Well in the 70’s and 80’s computers weren't invented so adults could not do stuff that we can do now. So some children could be more smarter than some adults.

Did you know that some adults can do idiotic things like smoke cigarettes, get drunk and stuff like that?  Sometimes that stuff gets  them into jail. Children have never been to jail so they are responsible. There is a lot of evidence that suggests this.

Children should also be able to vote because some adults turn their children into slaves. The slaves should be able to vote so that we can stop this happening.

To summarise my main points, adults are sometimes dumb and children are responsible and reliable. Adults can do nasty stuff like murder, rob people and be nasty to police.

And those are the reasons why kids should be able to vote.

By Tristan

Should kids vote?

I strongly believe that kids under 17 should not vote because they most likely will choose the wrong decisions and they don't know what’s important.

Secondly children don't have the maturity or responsibility for themselves. Their parents may influence their vote. Is this really fair?

Adults should vote because they can make the right decisions and they always have good reasons why.

Finally adults are much more independent than kids and a lot more responsible when making decisions.

That is what l have to say about this argument this is why people under 17 should not vote.

Please be reasonable NZ. Children should not have the power of the country in their hands.
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