Thursday, 22 June 2017


Putting pictures in our minds is one way poets and other writers get their message across. These pictures are called images or imagery.
The language that is used to produce these pictures is called figurative language, because the words do not have their everyday meaning (literal meaning) but another meaning (figurative meaning) which our imagination helps to create.

To help with ideas we watched a video that had beautiful images of NZ landscapes. Koru 2 then explored some of the language features that can be used in poetry; similes, metaphors, and personification.

Can you identify some of the language features in our poems?

River Flows by Koru 2
Flowing like a snake
Powerful turn it rides
River flows

Under banks
Over rocks
River flows

Splashing, rushing
Tumbling and rumbling
River flows

Wonderland Begins By Taila
Fluffy pillows in the sky
Gliding through the moonlight
Sparkling diamonds up so high
Rivers splashing over slimy rocks
Wonderland of hope and dreams

Night Sky by Lily
Blue ocean
Up high
White splashes
Fairy dust
Silver balloon
Wonder why?
Dream how?
Mysterious life.

Blue Sky by Jasmine
Sky like an ocean
Streaky shades of white
Smashing together
Powerful sight
Unique shapes
Universe to behold

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