Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tracey Tawhiao

Students will:
- Investigate the purpose of objects and images from past and present cultures and identify the contexts in which they were or are made, viewed, and valued.
- Develop and revisit visual ideas, in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination, supported by the study of artists’ works.
- Describe the ideas their own and others’ objects and images communicate.
We learnt that Tracey Tawhiao is a famous NZ artist who creates her drawings on newspapers. We listed questions that we would like answered to find out more about her. We then did some research and shared it with the class.

What inspires her creativity? What motivates her? Why she is famous? How does she give back to society? What visual features do her artworks display? What messages does she try to communicate?  

Koru 2 then attempted to create their own artworks inspired by Tracey Tawhiao and our own individual cultural identities. We looked closely at the different patterns in maoridom and the meaning and significants of these.

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