Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Science Of Character

What did you do in the past year that you're most proud of?

Getting on my full licence.

Getting neater on my writhing and not talking so much.  I'm know going to try and get my restricted licence.

Getting on my full licence and getting in the netball team because i like playing netball

Making new friends

Playing hockey and horse riding 

Getting a carouge to play hokey and and making the team

Betting Oli when we were running and coming first in racing A lot and when I got my full

Getting to play hockey because i love sport and and making new friends at hocker

Im proud that i helped my grandad when he was passing away

Geting on my restricted licence because I cleaned up the class rooms with out being asked

Im proud of miss baker for giving me stuff like shoes.

Alex Gibb8 Sep
I like playing rugby for the school and suporting our rugby team

Making friends at school were ever i go

Getting on my restricted and being in a rugby team for the kingley cup

I am trustworthy and can be trusted

In the past year i'm proud of helping calm people down and help them when they are hurt.


I help my mum when she need help making dinner

Geting a chance to play for the rugby team

Making Friends With Others And Trying To Get My Full Licence

Making my best BFF very happy and seeing her laugh a lot. I miss her so much.

In the past year i am happy for learning and getting smarter so i can become an adult

Of being a good person and treating people nicely

Making my best friends laugh a lot

Coming in first place in the school cross country.

I am grateful for my mum and dad because they feed me and they gave me a life

I need to earn the teacher's trust that way i can get my restricted.

I am proud of my amazing work and being a full licence holder and being helpful and enjoying my last year at bromley school and i feel i am a amazing role model for my strengths.

Getting my full license and everyone knows I'm trustworthy

My family because they look after me

My mum be because she looked after me and fed me

Zoe Walsh8 Sep
I'm proud of my restricted license and my cultural festival performance from last year

Im proud of getting my restricted licence in koru 2. And being in the school Kapa Haka group and preforming at the festival.

This year i am impressed of my work and my learning because i have improved in my learning and and i always have a pride in my work.

My work because I seem to be doing good on my writing and maths

I am great full for having a roof over my head and to have food

I am proud of being more mature, and getting a better understanding of everyone and their feelings, and realising that everyone is different, and that things matter, and that it's not just about ourself, it's about sharing and showing respect, so i'm very proud that I have started to realise that other things are there too, and that everyone has a role to play as their character. I am also very proud of all the opportunities that I have been given throughout the past year from classmates, teachers, and many other people in this world. Are you proud about what you've achieved throughout these nine months?

Taking Pride In My Work

I like that i have been good and have helped people that needed help

I'm proud of my work this year and me getting my full licence.

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