Friday, 27 October 2017

Our Coding Learning Journey Term 3

Our Coding Learning Journey
  • In partners, we found different objects around the classroom. We had to close our eyes, while our partners directed us towards the object by tapping a code on our backs.
  • Next we tried using Bee-Bot and Tynker Programming Applications. We programmed directions, actions and to get rid of any bugs in the programme. Then we discussed what is coding and what the possible purposes were for it were.

What is coding?
  • We discovered that computer programming, also known as coding, is the process of creating software.

Why Are We Learning to Code?
  • We found out that coding empowers us to do many things we wouldn't otherwise be able to do. These things include hand-crafting our own websites, becoming a career coder or even starting a technology business.

  • After this we learnt about the different motion blocks and other important functions. We also developed a bank of coding vocabulary. Next we explored Scratch Junior before designing a programme for the junior children.

Our design brief
  • Design a programme using Scratch Junior that will help teach our junior children about our school values.

The process

  • We got into collaborative groups and discussed the Key Competencies we would have to develop and use while taking part in this process. (Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Relating to others)
  • We began to develop a storyboard to plan the sequence of events that our programme would have.

  • We leant what the different blocks did.
  • We developed our understanding of coding vocabulary.

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