Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Look at some of our comments about what we enjoy most in our new classroom environment.

What do you enjoy learning about most in our new

classroom and why?

Class comments
Oliver Bennet21 Feb
Reading because my brain grows faster
Meliki Tagicakiverata21 Feb
Epic reading because you can choose books you like.
Kerrin Rushworth21 Feb
I like writing because I enjoy sharing my experiences
Seth Woods21 Feb
I like learning maths because i like to learn my divisions and times. It can be a challenge.
Korbin Fowler21 Feb
I love writing because you get to use your imagination and put down your wild thoughts.
Zoe Fagan21 Feb
Most of all I like witing due to expressing yourself.

Cecille Foliaki21 Feb
I enjoy writing the most because we can describe our storys and we can make them very interesting.
Fapiola Uasi21 Feb
I like Maths , reading and writing because you can get a better education
Jordis Dillon21 Feb
I love writing because it’s a fun thing and you give us good topics to write about.
Bryson Billings21 Feb
Because we get reading and writing. I find this fun the way we do it.
Violet Nesbit-MacMillan21 Feb
Writing becuase theres heaps of space to work in. I would like a quite place to work in though.
Holly Robinson21 Feb
Epic because I like reading on epic
Korbin Fowler21 Feb
I wish we can do more writing
Lukas Gebbie-Waller21 Feb
I like writing because i can do it with bryson krobin. They suport me.
Korbin Fowler21 Feb
I can do writing with my friends
Zoe Fagan21 Feb
I like epic and maths

Isla Robinson21 Feb
Writing because i get to share my stories
Meliki Tagicakiverata21 Feb
Fapiola Uasi21 Feb
Mini i like how we somtimes have silent reading and i love doing maths because it's educational and we learn new stuff.
Miyah Carmichael21 Feb
Epic because i like reading and times tables because they are fun to solve
Shyanne Young21 Feb
I like writing because we get good topics
Maia Higgins21 Feb
I mostly like writing long interesting stories like when we wrote about the fireflies. Writing is my favourite subject because i like putting down my amazing ideas and opinions about different topics.
Rylee Mills21 Feb
I like maths because it involves numbers !!!!!
Tegan Hansen21 Feb
I like reading writing math and Epic because I get smarter
Meliki Tagicakiverata21 Feb
And i like my new teachers
Counter_ _Noob22 Feb
I like epic
Counter_ _Noob22 Feb
I like epic because it’s a fun app to use
Riley Hall12:14

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