Sunday, 6 August 2017

Narrative Writing and Speech Writing

Children got to opt into either speech or narrative writing.

Speech Writing

Children had to write a speech to convince the reader that they would like to be voted on our class executive. Once voted in these children would represent the class in regular meetings with the teachers. They would also have regular meetings with the class to get ideas on what  needs to be adressed to help learning and make our class a happy place for all.

How to introduce yourself
Rhetorical questions
Powerful and convincing language
Clear ending
Clear and well organised paragraphs

Narrative Writing

Children had to write a narrative with a different focus each day. The teacher modelled with the children each element and children would complete their own part of their story. The purpose was to write stories to share with a junior class and represent this story in a digital presentation. They also had to use language to show and not tell the reader.

Character traits
Setting description
Solution or resolution
Happy ending
Clear and well organised paragraphs
Speech marks

Children deciding on what character traits they would include in their narrative story.

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