The Future Bikes Competition (Ski day postponed)

The future bikes competition

In a world filled with transport issues, congestion, safety, cost and environmental impacts. Cycling could be the mode of the future! Who can compete: Years 1-8

Team size: 3 or more students per entry, 1 entry per school

The task: Think of at least 1 transport issue we have today, then design the bike of the future that will provide a solution. The bicycle must still be pedal powered. Share your design as an A3 poster for our judges.

The judges: We are pleased to have members of the Cycling conference judging all the entries.
The prizes: Top prize is $500 worth of cycle safety equipment for the school.
There will also be $250 worth of spot prizes for other stand out entries.
Winners will be announced at the Asia Pacific Cycle
Congress and invited to accept their prize on Thursday 19 October