Friday, 16 March 2018

What character strength is Cecille flexing?

Litter At Bromley School

I am very disgusted that the past three days I have found so much rubbish around the school. Today I saw Steve picking up rubbish and I wonder how he feels! I am very disappointed. I know the rubbish might not be some of yours, but if it is, please respect the environment.

I am not wanting anything for picking up rubbish. I am doing it to show that we should care more about our school. I think that if Mr Kinley heard about that students in our school leaving their  litter around I think he would feel very sad because he will view this as  we aren't taking care of our community. It is very bad for the environment and it could make the world very unhealthy.

If we take care of the world we will make it a better place and it will show that we care more. I am going to still go around the school and pick up rubbish,  if I find heaps more I think that Mr  Kinley should know about it. I feel that all of you should listen to what I am trying to say and I think that you guys should agree to what I am saying.

If you see rubbish around the school please pick it up and put it in the rubbish and if you do litter please do the same. I am not forcing you do it but it will show that you are a respectful student to Bromley School. I have found around 50 or more pieces of rubbish over the past three days and that is my reason why I am disgusted.

Ms Baker is very sad too that she has seen so much rubbish thrown on the ground. If you were in my shoes would you do the same as what I have done? And this is how much rubbish I found at morning tea today.

By Cecille

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