Thursday, 15 March 2018

Our Guided Character Inquiry

We have been looking into what character is and all the character strengths we could possibly have. Using this knowledge and character strength definitions, we had to identify what we thought are our five signature strengths. We discussed with peers what these strengths were and then identified the two strengths we used the most. These two strengths have been used for our guided learning inquiry. 

After identifying two of our character strengths we explored what this means for us. 

Our guided inquiry followed this structure:
- Why are my strengths important for me? 
- How can I 'flex' these muscles at school and home? 
- How will I help others to develop their strengths?
- Identify someone well known that has at least one of my strengths? 
- Find a whakataukī that best describes one of my strengths or find a broad translation of a  strength in te reo māori. 
- How did I use and develop my self management skills during my inquiry?

Visit our individual blogs to see our personal guided inquiries!

Below are some examples of the guided inquiry.

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