Monday, 18 June 2018

Walking In Someone Else's Shoes

   Walking in someone else’s shoes
What would you feel like if you had shoes that had five or even seven
holes in them? How would you feel? I no how I would feel if I had
holes in my shoes. I’d feel incredibly cold , extremely humiliated and
also very sick because my feet were so FREEZING cold!
I bet if I lived there I’d walk instead of paying for petrol and save up
my money. I’d do this to get every person that lived there lots of food,
water, and medison as well as new shoes of course! That is what I’d
do for them.
If you're reading this right now don’t accuse these people of being no
good just because of what they look like or what they don’t have.
The most important thing is what they do and how they treat this
world. The negative things people say about them is not fair. Just
remember what you would feel if every day you struggled to survive.
By Dahlisha

Walking in someone else’s shoes          

By looking at this person’s  shoes I noticed that they didn't have a good life.
I imagined that he had to use uncomfortable materials for clothing and
probably didn’t have much food so he had to go without a lot of stuff.

Just so you know you should never judge someone without knowing the
whole story. You may think you know, but by doing this you are judging
someone. Not good!   Always think about others and make the lives of
other people better. There are little children that need food, school and
a home. There’s also some children like us that have horrible diseases
that they could die from.

Many of us are not helping or donating to make other people healthy are
we? We need to look at our world carefully and to take a walk in someone
else’s shoes and help change their life.

I think the problem is our responsibility clearly. We’re not good enough to
be open minded about others. Hopefully this will change after you take
a trip into their life. This  brings me back to the point where people should
walk in another person’s shoes. Some people are even taking from them.
I do not think this is okay. They are probably living in cold broken houses
with air coming in and no warm balnkets. if you were them your life would
be miserable. Imagine!

Remember before opening your mouth to say something nasty about
another person walk a mile in their shoes because one step in a stranger’s
shoes is all it takes to learn a lot that you never knew.
Thanks for reading or listening!!!!!!! =)

By Reuben

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