Saturday, 18 August 2018

MAD Day Plan

MAD Day Plan T3 Manuka

Warm Up and Intro
  • Ideas for the day
  • Safety
  • Behaviour
  • Goal

Purpose of the day - to get out and make a difference in our community, in our case, clean up our community.
TV, Short clips on recycling, iPads  (Koru 1 and 2)

Any children need medication? Asthma inhalers etc

Protection Gloves and Bags/Buckets
Provocation and required knowledge for the task
Discussion around the importance on disposing our rubbish properly…  the impact of rubbish in our waterways, streets etc.

Watch video:
Why NZ should recycle?

Explain that we are going to make our own promotional video throughout the day - for our school community to learn the importance of recycling.

Dress up our Bromley Enviro-Warriors
Paint warrior stripes on everyone’s faces

Visit parks within the Bromley area
Clean them up and take photos
Sort the rubbish out into categories
Can be recycled and can’t be recycled
View Video Clips to guide

Why NZ should recycle?

Paper Recycling (Erin Simpson Show) - this site can help us with sorting our recycling

Insight into bin system and recycling in Christchurch:

Create - The What, the Process
Creating an item for WUB show ….  around Recycling and using the Recycling Bins. This will include footage of:  
  • rubbish in our environment
  • children collecting rubbish
  • sorting the rubbish/recycling
  • teaching our community about our council bins and what goes in them
  • showcasing our paper recycling bin designs for each class and our plan to empty these each day
  • formation of Bromley Enviro-warriors!
Creating Paper Recycling Bins for each class
Pic Collage Posters - inspiration from
Creating a Bromley Enviro-warrior costume!
Camera and Tripod
Bags to collect rubbish
Rubber gloves
Bins to decorate as paper recycling bins (Sonya)
Paints (Sonya)
Hairspray to seal paint (Mandy)

Costume Design
Tutus ($2 shop)
Superhero Capes
Face Paint
(Mandy will bring these)

Laminator pouches for posters??
Share - Documentation
Video clip (for WUB show)

Evaluate - Reflection/Questions
Has this had the desired impact on our children?
Is there a greater awareness of the impact of litter in our environment?
Did children feel empowered in what they were doing?
Engagement was high
A number of activities helped to keep children focused and on task
Greater cohesion between members of the hapu as they now know each other
Older children were supporting and guiding the young children
Giving children the ‘role’ of enviro superheroes helped to empower them towards our common goal of cleaning our local park and school.

Next step
Possibly a greater focus on the in and outs of recycling. Why can some things be recycled and others can’t?

Also, more of a futuristic approach. If we keep on doing what we are doing what might the world look like in fifty years?

A trip to the Christchurch Recycling Plant

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