Saturday, 18 August 2018

Our Bodies- Interest Projects


Have looked into hauora and mental well-being. Making links to our physical bodies (systems, parts, exercise, processes).

Integrate sources of information processes and strategies with developing confidence to identify form and express ideas

Recognise that there are life processes common to all living things and that these occur in different ways

Identify factors that affect personal physical social and emotional growth and develop skills to manage changes

First children were asked what is an interest project.

Our responses to ‘What is an Interest Project?’
Here area few of our ideas:

Choose a topic - gather information - make a project - Miyah

Project of interest - Riley

Pick something to work on and make it interesting - Shania

Getting good facts - Jaelen & Oli

Get facts about a theme. Pull out important parts. All earning together. Doing it together. Team effort. - Jordis

Topic - info - make a project - Maia


Next the teachers took childen through the inquiry process and then children got into groups that they thought they could work well with. We discussed in detail the Key Competencies and how these would look, sound and feel in action within the group. Children then observed a couple of documentaries around the human body. This was the provocation to help motivate interest.

In there groups children discussed and brainstormed  topics of interest. All children were brought to the mat to discuss and elaborate on their ideas. We talked about the importance of coming to a consensus with in the group and some of the skills needed to do this. 

Once children decided on a topic to explore they had to come up with the big idea, driving questions, resources needed and how they would document their learning. 

Children had to decide how they were going to present this information to class. 

Finally once the presentation was over children provided feedback, the group that presented had to evaluate and reflect on the process as well as the teacher providing feedback in the form of a comment.

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